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Coaching Sessions

Recovery and Life Support

These sessions can occur in person or virtually to accomodate your needs.

Laptop & Coffee

Eating Disorder Support

Does your life feel in flux? Are you in school with a wild schedule? I'm here to help! We can set up a plan to support you via video or phone. We can get as flexible as you need. I so get it and am here to brainstorm with you!


Life Support: Anxiety and Mood Disorder Management

Life can feel so overwhelming at times! Sometimes we need that safe person on the other line or across the screen to help up find our flow when the world feels too much to deal with. I am happy to help you navigate a plan to help you manage in a way that feels more in alignment to that which you want for yourself.

Helping Hands

Relationship Support

Feel stuck in a funk? Looking to have that ideal relationship with yourself, loved ones and perhaps that special someone(s)? I'm here to help! Nurturing a healthy relationship, with oneself and others, is an ongoing process. Let me help mirror that which you already know and help you gain even more clarity about what you're looking for in your relationships. Intimacy takes work and wow, can it be exhausting and so worth it!
I am a gender-affirming therapist. This means I understand that gender AND sexuality are fluid. Relationships, like people, don't fit into boxes. I look forward to getting to know more about what you want for yourself.

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